Outdoor Learning Games for Kids

Though most students spend the majority of their time learning indoors, children can learn many valuable lessons outdoors. Learning how animals live, for example, is just one of the many lessons you can teach children. To make these outdoor lessons more enjoyable for the students, have them play some educational games.

Colors Outside
Demonstrate to children the great variations in nature by playing this game. Gather the children outside and sit them down in a circle. Start the game by picking a color, such as green. The player sitting next to you has to point to something of that particular color in the outdoor area, such as a tree, a bush or the stem of a flower. Once all of the players in the circle have found something green, pick another color. To make the game more hands-on, pick a color and have all of the players find something of that color and bring it back to the group for show-and-tell. The game ends when you run out of natural colors to use.

Befriend A Tree
With this game, teach the children that all things, even very similar trees in nature, have distinct differences. Gather the children some distance away from a section of trees you decide on before the game. Blindfold each of the players and lead them each to a tree. The players all have about 10 minutes to touch, smell and otherwise get to know the tree to develop a distinct memory of it. After the time elapses, lead the kids back to the earlier starting place. Take off everyone’s blindfolds and have the children go back to find their trees. Remember to keep track of which tree belonged to whom during the game. The players who find their trees win the game.

Animal Walks
Show the kids the ways animals get around by playing this game. Line the kids up horizontally on one side of the play area. Stand at the other side and give the players instructions. For example, tell the kids to walk over to you as a snake moves or as a penguin walks. The children move over to you in the way the animal would; for a snake, the kids would slither, and for penguin, they would waddle. If any of the kids do not know how to move like a particular animal, feel free to help them out. Ask the children after every round why the animals move in that way, and why humans move the way they do. Continue the game until you have gone through most of the animals the children know.

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Online Science Activities for Grade Four

As students progress in grade levels, science lessons become more intense and often more difficult. To keep students from falling behind, you need to engage them in an array of activities. Providing opportunities for online learning reaches out to the population of students, including fourth-graders, who benefit from such tactics.

Research Projects
At the fourth-grade level, students have most likely not engaged in too many research projects before. Teach them how to use the Internet for research, how to limit searches to websites with .edu or .gov endings and how to cite their sources in their papers. Assign them a grade-appropriate topic such as parts of an animal cell, the life cycle of the monarch butterfly, the phases of the moon or weather instruments.

Online Labs
If you do not have the time, space or resources to allow students to do actual labs in the classroom, have them watch some labs online. Available topics are wide and varied and include animal behavior, virtual DNA labs, solar system simulators, graphing labs and so forth. After the class has watched the lab online, give the fourth-graders a series of questions to respond to, ensuring they have understood what they just watched.

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What is Outdoor Learning

Outdoor education can be simply defined as experiential learning in, for, or about the outdoors. The term ‘outdoor education’, however, is used broadly to refer to a range of organized activities that take place in a variety of ways in predominantly outdoor environments. Common definitions of outdoor education are difficult to achieve because interpretations vary according to culture, philosophy, and local conditions.

Outdoor education is often referred to as synonymous with adventure education, adventure programming, and outdoor learning, outdoor school, adventure therapy, adventure recreation, adventure tourism, expeditionary learning, challenge education, experiential education, environmental education, Forest schools and wilderness education.

Consensus about the meaning of these terms is also difficult to achieve. However, outdoor education often uses or draws upon these related elements and/or informs these areas. The hallmark of outdoor education is its focus on the “outdoor” side of this education; whereas adventure education would focus on the adventure side and environmental education would focus on environmental. Wilderness education involves expeditions into wilderness “where man is but a visitor.” For more information, see Outdoor education definitions.

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About Outdoor Learning Labs

Outdoor Learning Labs encourages outdoor learning by developing quality, safety and opportunity to experience outdoor activity provision and by supporting the good practice of outdoor professionals. By representing and lobbying we can help ensure the development and progression of outdoor learning.

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Wooden Learning Toys for Kids

They are created with professional workmanship. Most extensively, utilized wooden toys are Chess and Carrom. These are out there in beautifully created wooden boxes which makes them simpler to carry.Wooden chess boards are employed to practice chess. But presently, for refinement purpose cardboard or vinyl boards are also utilized. Glass boards, marble, ivory or ebony are also utilized according to individualistic taste. Ornamental form of wooden chess boards are made use of for decorative purposes.

Carrom Board is an additional such wooden article which is quite well-liked as an indoor game. Carrom boards are created up of specific wood that is resistant to water. They are largely made from Sheesham, redwood, mahogany, maple or cedar. It is a wooden square board with an a smooth surface, possessing a hardwood borderline frame on all sides and smaller net pockets in four corners. The boards come in a wide variety of sizes. The center of the Carrom board is sported with patterns. To play Carrom, the coin sets are utilized which are also created of wood. It comprises of of a set of nineteen coins, wherein nine white coins, nine black coins and 1 red coin termed as Queen. All these coins are effectively polished and with the use of the technological progressed powder, present a fast, smooth and difficult rebound game.

Wooden dolls and figurines are an additional things which are made from wood. The objects consist of, the traditional models that are carved out on wood..These are most of the instances, painted with some finishing to add sheen and rich impact to the item and also make outstanding presents.

Though, you are considering of gifting wooden toys to your loved ones, please make sure that you browse the world-wide-web for ample information. There are some web pages which deliver customed wooden artifacts. They also have the facility to deliver the artifact at your doorstep.

The wood that is utilized to make these dolls or toys largely comes from, the branches, the trunk or the roots. Walnut being a softwood, is mostly implemented to craft out the statues. The darkest colour of the wood comes from the trunk and the palest colour comes from the branches. Toys are also produced from sandalwood, rosewood and ivory.